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Meet Arthur Willoughby

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Arthur Willoughby
Arthur Willoughby

​As a former language student, I’ve always made expanding my network a top priority. When I joined Skillfinder I saw it as a way to transform my natural sociability into a career, and to start to develop a client base that reaches far across Europe. Outside of studying languages (of which I speak 5, including Hindi and Korean), I’m a keen vinyl enthusiast, collecting and mixing a range of music from jazz to neo-soul, a proud older brother, a committed chess player, and an avid basketball player; having played in the National League as a teenager and even once in a game broadcast across Guatemalan state television. 


Prior to joining Skillfinder I graduated with First Class Honours in French and Philosophy at UCL, before deciding to spend 8 months pursuing my language goals by teaching in South Korea. I speak fluent French and Spanish, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help tapping into the European market!

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