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Frederic Martin
Frederic Martin

​I act as a 360 recruiter, it means being the middleman between the clients and candidates; I mainly work in the Luxemburgish market.

I can deliver A-B-C Level profiles in Finance (Accountancy, Depository, Private banking) & IT (Core Banking Systems, Development, Infrastructure & Cloud, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence).


After I have achieved Bachelor of Arts in Applied Foreign Languages (English & German), I have had the opportunity to complete with an internship in Luxembourg within a large recruitment company. That internship transformed me and had great impact on my career plan. Once the internship finished, I worked for a well known consultancy company as IT recruiter (Digital/ Infra&Cloud /Cybersecurity), Until I decided to become a full time 360 recruiter here at Skillfinder International.

Accountancy - Depository - Private banking - IT - Core Banking Systems - Development - Infrastructure & Cloud - Cybersecurity - Business Intelligence.​

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