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Meet James Li

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James Li
James Li

The area that I specialise in is the VFX, CGI, Animations and Gaming sector across Europe, contributing to the growth and success of a variety of different creative teams across the market.

My aim is to introduce various professionals such as; Artists, Designers, Developers, Producers, Animators, Project Managers, VR/AR/XR Experts and Technology Leads to teams of people all working towards creating something special.

I want to know what people are passionate about and what excites them, so that I can present them with the best opportunities.

Do reach out to me if you are looking for a new challenging and exciting opportunity in the market where creativity is essential, or if you simply want to talk about what’s happening in the digital world. Subsequently, if you need a helping hand introducing talent to your department you know who to call.  


Before entering the recruitment career, I had studied hospitality management in Switzerland and attained my bachelor’s degree. During
and after the academic journey, I Had worked in various countries worldwide in the hospitality industry where I had achieved in management position. However, as I was looking for new challenge to further develop myself, I saw the recruitment career as to what I wanted which brings me to where I am today.


Nordics - Digital Technologies - Open Source Development - .NET Development - Front-end Development - Data Analysis & Data Science