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James Li
James Li

I joined Skillfinder International 6 months before the sudden changes we all faced in 2020 and have honed my recruitment experience during the new “normal”- post pandemic age.

During that time, I have developed my network and knowledge across the Gaming, Blockchain and Security sector. Through my interest in these sectors, I found myself passionately exploring amazing opportunities with my network, always developing meaningful relationships with clients and candidates.

From start-ups to global enterprises, I add value to the recruitment process, always striving to create long-term relationships between my clients and the candidates I work with.

My aim is to introduce specialist professionals such as Blockchain Developers, Blockchain Architects, Security Researchers, Security Engineers, AI Engineers, 3D Artists and Animators to amazing opportunities across Europe.

I want to know what you are passionate about and what excites you, so that I can present you with the best opportunities in your field.

Reach out to me if you are looking to explore new, challenging and exciting opportunities in the market or if you simply want to talk about what’s happening in the digital world.

If you need a helping hand introducing talent to your department you know who to call.  


Before entering the recruitment career, I had studied hospitality management in Switzerland and attained my bachelor’s degree. During
and after the academic journey, I Had worked in various countries worldwide in the hospitality industry where I had achieved in management position. However, as I was looking for new challenge to further develop myself, I saw the recruitment career as to what I wanted which brings me to where I am today.


Nordics - Digital Technologies - Open Source Development - .NET Development - Front-end Development - Data Analysis & Data Science

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