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Meet Jessica Tsen

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Jessica Tsen
Jessica Tsen

I enjoy working out at the gym and am currently dabbling in Powerlifting!

Once I get into an area of interest whether it being in my personal life or work life the passion within me ignites and it helps me grow as an individual.

I also enjoy traveling the world and exploring new things, from sightseeing, local activities and learning new things. I always try to pick up one new skill to learn in my free time and am currently improving my language skills in Cantonese, Mandarin, and a little Korean.


After a couple of years as an Internal recruiter, I joined Skillfinder International with the aim of getting into FinTech recruitment 2 years ago.

Working at Skillfinder International has helped me widen my experience and learn more about the Fintech market and to develop deeper skills in agency recruitment. I now specialise mostly in the Financial sector, specifically within Compliance roles.

I’m now a Senior Key Account Manager and my responsibilities include managing key accounts within the business, maintaining and developing the client relationships, and furthering the sales associated within them.