Meet Lauren McDermott

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Lauren McDermott
Lauren McDermott

​At Skillfinder International I maintain the office and it’s supplies, greet everyone who comes through our doors and make sure colleagues enjoy the time they spend at work in our lovely offices – booking breakfasts, lunches, parties, travel arrangememnts and most importantly, keeping the drinks fridge fully stocked!

I’m a Northerner who’s been working in London since 2018 doing administration and assistance for a variety of people and it's me that makes the office run smoothly at Skillfinder International.


Previously I’ve been a legal assistant, HR assistant, and until last year was a school receptionist in Mayfair. However on a day to day, I maintain databases, track documentation, work with all our outsourced suppliers, help in Compliance, and do some I.T. and telecoms. But on a fun day, I plan all our events, decorate the office and keep the beer fridge stocked!