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Recruitment Services

Freelancer / contract Recruitment

We can provide short term or longer term solutions to your staffing requirements. If you need specialist skills to deliver specific work on projects with a defined scope, then we can provide specialist freelancers or contract resource to fulfil these positions.

We have experience in placing freelancers to over 22 countries globally. We have developed excellent knowledge of each country’s regulatory landscape, laws and cultural expectations and work with in country specialist payment solutions which provide up to date tax compliant solutions.


Skillfinder International has excellent experience in sourcing, attracting and delivering highly skilled experts looking for permanent opportunities with our clients across the EU.

Whether this is sourcing local skilled candidates (in country) or helping attract, engage and relocate people from other countries to join our client’s teams, we are well versed in the process.

We understand the complexities of moving skilled candidates across the EU and globally from both and employment, legal and compliance perspective making sure the skilled worker can join our clients and integrate into their new role and community as smoothly as possible.