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Meet the team

Meet the team

Gabriel Campa

Key Account Manager - Luxembourg

I was born and raised in Turin, which is located in the north of Italy, and is seen as the ‘industrial city’ of northern Italy. After moving to London, I started working at Skillfinder, and joined their team in October 2016 as a delivery consultant in recruitment.

I have brought a wealth of Italian experience and a familiarity with the English language to my team, although I appreciate I still have more to learn. Skillfinder have given me a great opportunity to climb the ladder of the recruitment finance world, and I feel welcome as part of the Skillfinder ‘family’ who are all helpful and supportive.

I have found that all my team members are keen to help me develop my business and personal skills so that I may achieve my full potential.

I love Skillfinder International because… It allows me to work in an international financial environment and to learn day by day new aspects about the financial world which broadens my personal horizon and gives me the chance to grow as an individual.

"Doctrina est natural ingenii quoddam pabulum – Learning is a kind of natural food for the mind." - Cicero