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Interview with a Principal Avaloq & Temenos Recruiter: The Go-To Expert for Core Banking Roles

In the fast-evolving world of fintech, Avaloq & Temenos stand out as leading providers of core b...

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Navigating Recruitment Jargon: Essential terms for those considering to be contractors ​

If you are a first-time contractor or thinking about working at a freelancer contractor, you ma...

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S Killfinder Three Sheets

The three-sheet interview prep technique

Preparation is the key to doing well at an interview, but where exactly do you start and finish? ...

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Navigating Regulatory Compliance in European Banking: The Role of DORA

In the highly regulated landscape of European banking, adherence to regulatory standards is para...

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Skillfinder International: Proud to be ranked in Recruiter’s HOT 100 List for 2023!

​We are thrilled to have been included in this years’ Recruiter’s HOT 100 list for 2023.The HOT...

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​Exploring Potential Hiring Trends in Financial Services and Banking markets for 2024

2023 saw a slowdown in the staffing and consulting arena, with companies allowing for natural at...

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20 years of changing people lives for the better, whilst building fairer workplaces for all.

Trends and technologies we deploy in staffing and recruitment may have changed the way we conne...

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​The Benefits of Using A Specialised Recruitment Agency in a Niche Market

In today's competitive job market, finding the right talent for your team can be challenging, es...

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How to network with recruiters on LinkedIn

​Networking with recruiters is helpful, maybe even an essential aspect of a successful job searc...

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​Too WOKE? Why Bother Being Culturally Aware?

The idea that we should be “culturally aware” in our workplaces has been a ‘thing’ for a long ti...

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Team Working and the Ability to Collaborate Efficiently and Effectively is Crucial to the Modern Workplace

In the modern workplace, there is much greater need for cross-functional collaboration to improv...

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​Developing a Willingness to be Flexible and Adaptable in a Changing World Can Help You in Your Career

If the last few years have proven anything, it is that the world is far from predictable and eve...

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​Ethics and Integrity

“Creating a culture of integrity and accountability not only improves effectiveness, it also gen...

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​The Importance of Resilience

No one knows the importance of resilience better than an experienced recruiter. Each step of the ...

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