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Corporate Social Responsibility


Skillfinder International has a responsibility as a company to be socially and environmentally aware, and to protect and preserve our world for the future. We strive to improve efficiency in the way we do business, and we expect the same of our employees and our suppliers. We partner only with those companies that demonstrate the same commitment through their own policies and services.

We respect the values of our employees, provide good conditions of work and equal opportunities. We improve employee satisfaction through training, and developing their intellectual capacity for their greater benefit and quality of life. We ensure all our activities and processes provide a safe working environment, along with a work-life balance for our employees.

We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices. We ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country.

We believe our views, actions and internal policies will provide long-term benefits for our global employees, clients, partners and individuals in local communities.


We understand our responsibility to meet legal obligations, and comply with the law and regulations, and our Group companies commit to:

  • Respect the law.

  • Honour our internal policies.

  • Ensure all our business activities and operations are legitimate.

  • Keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent.

  • Carry out our business in an ethical manner, with integrity and respect to human rights.

Environmental Impact Reduction

 We are dedicated to maintaining a light footprint on our immediate environment, and regularly assess processes to reduce the impact we make.  To this end we have, and continue to implement initiatives to:

  • Reduce the resources we use.

  • Reuse what we can where ever possible.

  • Recycle effectively.

We manage our business development opportunities to maximise recycling, and minimise the risk of pollution and waste.  We currently have the following environmentally responsible measures in place throughout our Group offices:

  • Paperless where possible, and use of recycled unbleached paper.  

  • Minimal printing / use of presentation equipment/electronic communication. 

  • Lights and electronic equipment controlled by sensor.  

  • Office waste recycled using ethical recycling companies with report analysis.

  • Marketing and contractual information sent via electronic mediums.

 Local Community Support

We engage our local community through funding, support and apprenticeship programmes and we support our employees who participate in charitable events, including:

  • Charity Marathons (London Marathon)

  • Breast Cancer awareness month (October)

  • MacMillan Coffee Morning

  • Christmas Jumper day – supporting a different Charity
    each year

  • Children in Need

We always encourage high standards of professionalism throughout the whole Group, and always promote best practice. Our CSR shall be implemented and maintained through the following key policies:

  • Equal Opportunities & Diversity

  • Ethical Conduct

  • Fair Competition

  • Anti-Bribery

  • Supply Chain Code of Practice

  • Quality Assurance

  • Health & Safety

  • Environmental

As a Group, we are always pleased to engage with interested parties regarding CSR matters. For further information please email Tracey Stone.


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