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Meet Srisha Roychoudhury

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Srisha Roychoudhury
Srisha Roychoudhury

​Hi there! I’m Srisha, I’m a marketing associate here at Skillfinder. I love all things marketing whether it’s the creative side of things or the number and analytical side, one does not work well without the other. My goal here is to market the right services to our different customers in the best way possible.

I’m a third culture child, I’ve had the opportunity to live in Botswana, India, San Francisco, Dubai and London. During my free time I love volunteering for different NGOs, reading, traveling, cooking, and painting


I have experience in all things marketing, such as managing social media, creating content, marketing analysis, and market research for start-ups in different industries such as consumer goods and services, insurance, blockchain, NFTs and recruitment.