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Devops Engineer (SC CLEARED)

DevOps Engineer

We’re looking for exceptional, DevOps Support Engineer.

This is an opportunity to deliver the agility and speed-to-market needed to thrive in today’s competitive technical landscape: hack, plan, prototype, innovate, automate, containerise, data wrangle, support and manage work in the DevOps & Engineering stream in the run phase of the project.

You are a highly motivated, self-directed technologist, with experience delivering continuous integration and cloud-based solutions for digital platforms.

We’re looking for the following skill set:

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills to collaborate effectively with customers (all levels), peers, and vendors
• Experience of consulting engagements
• Demonstrated experience applying good CI/CD principles in complex multi-environment domains
• Understanding and implementation of GitOps principles, processes, and tools.
• Experience with Agile Scrum for development, deliver and Use of collaboration tools like Jira and Confluence.
• Advanced knowledge relating to automation, security, stability and scalability in private and public cloud environments (AWS and MS Azure); More focus on private cloud – on-premises (Client Datacentres) in relation to this project.

Key Skills:

• MTLS for apps on VMs and containers
• Openshift / K8 skills
• Ansible
• Terraform
• ApiGee
• Cassandra
• Jenkins – Declarative Pipelines – Management and creation of pipelines
• GitOps – Kustomize configuration
• Twistlock
• CyberArk + Conjur

Hands-on(preferably) technology experience working with relevant technologies (or similar) such as:

• Build systems – Jenkins
• Automation technologies – Ansible
• Source control and code management – GitHub
• Public Cloud – AWS
• Containers – Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift
• Understanding of Automated testing – Selenium, Cucumber
• Operational monitoring - Splunk
• Application security and Vault technologies - Hashicorp Vault
• Web / application servers – NGINX, Node, Apache
• API gateways – Specifically ApiGee
• Collaboration tools – Jira, Mattermost, Confluence

Experience on projects with:

• SaFE for project delivery
• Demonstrated Client facing from the technical level to the C-Suite level
• Environment Architecture
• Infrastructure as Code
• Python

Existing SC cleared candidates (Lapsed is okay too)

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