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Apprenticeships a Story of Success: Danielle Rumsey

Apprenticeships a Story of Success: Danielle Rumsey

09 April 2019 by Danielle Rumsey
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Apprenticeships a Story of Success: Danielle Rumsey

How did you become an apprentice, where did you find out about it?

 After deciding to leave college I began to have a look online at the options open to me. I came across a company called Hawk Training based in Twickenham - a company which provides apprenticeships programs in the UK.

 Why did you decide to become an apprentice?

 I decided to become an apprentice as I was eager to be independent and quickly as possible. I was not keen on the idea of having lots of debt looming over me after university; I saw a way to earn money whilst also obtaining qualifications.

Why should someone consider becoming an apprentice?

 You should decide to become an apprentice if you want to earn money whilst still learning. They are great for individuals who are perhaps more “hands-on” learners, and want a great platform to start their professional careers.

Many apprenticeships are seen as a viable alternative to a University degree, especially for individuals
who aren’t keen on the idea of more classroom learning.

What was the process of becoming an apprentice like?

Very straightforward. I applied to Hawk Training and was invited to an open day. I was then scheduled in for an interview with Skillfinder and eventually got the role of apprentice resourcer! Everyone was supportive – It was clear they were there to help me, not make a profit.  

What was the experience like?

Everyone at Skillfinder was very welcoming and gave me tremendous support. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone. I learned so much in such a short space of time, and quickly matured to a city working professional. Furthermore, I was earning very good money for such a young age; this motivated me to keep pushing on and pursuing my goals.   

Where are you now in your career?

I completed a 2 year apprenticeship at Skillfinder when I was 17, and joined another recruitment company when I was 19 to be a Recruitment Consultant. I worked at that company for 3 years, and then left to return to Skillfinder as a Senior Recruitment Consultant. I now specialise in IT recruitment within Switzerland and have an array of clients that I work with. I have opened many doors for myself and my apprenticeship gave me the platform to do this. I gave myself a very comfortable life at such a young age and have had lots of fun with the well earned money that I have made