Considering a move to Singapore?

Considering a move to Singapore?

05 June 2019 by Lauren Pierce

​Considering a move to Singapore?

With FinTech growing at a higher rate in APAC than any other region globally it is common for a lot of roles to offer relocation packages. Singapore is one of the top APAC countries responsible for hiring international candidates which means, eventually, skilled professionals will consider a move to the small city state. With this in mind, I have gathered a few hints and tips to consider before embarking on this life changing opportunity!

Singapore at a glance

Singapore is a small island nation (only slightly larger than the Isle of Man in the UK!) with a combination of modern skyscrapers and traditional South-East Asian architecture. The official business language is English and the western influence can be seen all across Singapore. With 1.65 million non-residents (out of a total population of 5.1million) you will discover a fantastic ex-pat community in Singapore.

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Cost of Living

The Economist recently names Singapore as the world’s most expensive city for the 4th year in a row, but it is all relative. Property cars and imported goods like wine and cheese then of course prices will start to climb due to the high import taxes. However, Public transport in Singapore is easily affordable; Combined with low income tax (compared to Europe) and Singapore starts becoming a viable location to earn good money.


Tropical Rainforest climate. The highs are around 32C and lows of 24C. The downside is that they do have 2 monsoon seasons (December – March and June-September) but the temperature stays high; overall a vast improvement from here in the UK.


Every role I work, and any position I approach anyone within Singapore, will have Visa and Sponsorship provided either by my partner company or the client I am working on behalf of. There are several different work visas available which are normally referred to as “passes” and normally require you to already have a job offer. The details of all passes available can be found on the Ministry of Manpower website.


2nd in the world (after Finland). A lot of candidates I relocate to Singapore have families and therefore education is definitely something that should be considered when thinking of relocating here! Singapore is listed 7th in a global survey of expats for the availability of childcare.

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Travel Opportunities

Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia all lie within a 3 hour flight from Singapore making them ideal pit-stop travel destinations.

Singapore has a lot to offer for such a small location but when you have run out of the typical tourist things to do you should start to think about the benefits this location can have on your ability to travel further afield. Since budget flying became big in the region, the list of cheap travel options available will make most of us in Europe very jealous!

For information on the opportunities I have available in Singapore right now please call me on +44 (0) 203 763 9521 or send a copy of your CV to lpierce@skillfindergroup.com