Stockholm – Europe’s start-ups'​ powerhouse

Stockholm – Europe’s start-ups'​ powerhouse

26 June 2019 by Milosz Jagusztyn

​Stockholm – Europe’s start-ups'​ powerhouse

Spotify, one of the world's most popular audio streaming platform with more than 200 million users worldwide, Klarna, the payment solution and Mojang, the company responsible for creating Minecraft. Despite the fact that they all operate in a different industry, they have one thing in common: all of them were born in Stockholm, not to mention Skype which is Sweden's first unicorn.

To have a full picture of Stockholm's position in the tech world, it is worth taking a look at how Sweden's capital looks in comparison with other cities. According to the World Economic Forum, Stockholm is among the 20 most high-tech cities in the world and 2nd European city after London (World Economic Forum, 2017). Sweden is the home to more than 8,000 start-ups. Borrowing the words of Jonathan Forster from Spotify: I'd be very worried for an investor if Sweden wasn't on their road trip (The Telegraph, 2015). There is no doubt that Stockholm plays a key role in the world's start-ups ecosystem.

That being said, Stockholm is a must have on the list when considering relocation. It is a vibrant, diverse and stylish city. Furthermore, Sweden offers an outstanding work culture providing a true work-life balance.

My company specialises in IT recruitment (mainly Java and .NET) across the Nordics countries, focusing on Stockholm. I work alongside superb consulting, start-ups and product companies. Whether you are already in Stockholm and looking for a new challenge or considering relocation, feel free to reach out to me to explore your options. If you run a company or are involved in hiring processes, I would be more than happy to discuss your current recruitment requirements.    

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