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USA SimCorp Dimension Market will evolve in 2020

USA SimCorp Dimension Market will evolve in 2020

10 November 2019 by Lauren Pierce
Uncle Sam

With the FinTech market ever-evolving and adapting, SimCorp has also been evolving its product. Next year, this will make an important shift in the USA’s SimCorp Dimension jobs market.

As a specialist SimCorp Dimension recruiter, I spend most of my time working with SimCorp professionals, people that need them and directly with the vendor. My prediction for the North American market is based on client requirements, candidate conversations and vendor discussions.

The way America uses SCD is changing

Historically, SimCorp Dimension has been viewed as an accounting platform across North America.  Most clients implemented SCD as a pure accounting tool as it is one of the best on the market. However, where other regions have begun using the full front-to-back offering and specialist modules, North America has remained behind the curve in their use of the system - until now. With more and more clients looking to integrate their entire business offering onto one consolidated system, the interest in front office modules is increasing dramatically.

New SimCorp Dimension jobs in America

This means more clients will look to engage professionals on their projects whether generic front office or module-specific specialists. For front office candidates, this has started to open up the region for new projects and opportunities with a clear interest in the Alternative Investments and Compliance Management modules. This correlates with the same interest we noticed in Europe a year or so ago.

How will this benefit you?

The benefit of North American end clients looking to consolidate their front office into SimCorp Dimension means the local US candidate market will inevitably begin to gain these skills in what has previously been an elusive market to them. The increasing demand for front office projects means considerable future opportunity (both full time and contract) for those looking to up-skill or relocate to the US with previous front office experience gained in Europe and APAC.

I believe this means we will see an influx of external talent being required on projects which will open up this exciting market for SimCorp experienced consultants and increasing opportunities across the region tenfold.

But what will happen to the back office specialists?

SimCorp has one of the strongest back-office IBOR/ABOR offerings on the market. Just because clients are started to review the potential of consolidating their front office into SCD, it does not mean they will cease the need for back-office specialists on their projects. In fact, one of the areas that SimCorp, the vendor has been evolving is their ASP (as a service provider) offering which involves offering clients a cloud-based server. This means that the back-office world will also start to evolve from a technical perspective as more cloud-based knowledge will start becoming necessary. This will only add to the future possibilities for candidates working on this type of data warehouse project.

Overall – SimCorp Dimension is a constantly evolving solution which will always grow and improve to match ever-evolving requirements of their clients across the globe. North America will notice a shift in the number of opportunities that will become available as the front office modules are more widely adopted and ASP is considered a more efficient and viable setup.

No matter which areas of SimCorp you have experience within and how you view your specialism, one thing is for sure - North America is hiring, and we need people just like you!

For information on SimCorp Dimension job opportunities in North America please call Lauren Pierce on +44 (0) 203 763 9521 or drop me an email at lpierce@skillfindergroup.com