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New year, new decade, new SimCorp dimension job?

New year, new decade, new SimCorp dimension job?

05 January 2020 by Lauren Pierce
Saulo Mohana W Nz7 5 Ev Uwu Unsplash Resized

Written by Lauren Pierce – SimCorp Dimension specialist head hunter

As a new decade begins, we have already seen huge changes across the FinTech market and can only begin to imagine what the next ten years will bring. With robotics, cloud, artificial intelligence, alternative investments and so many more innovations in the past decade what should we expect from the next?

SimCorp Dimension has been one of the strongest and most popular Investment Management Solutions for the majority of the past decade – but will that be the case moving forward? In my opinion, yes. SimCorp has always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to the constant evolution and updating of its product offering, making the platform customisable to each and every client and offering a wider and more diverse platform than ever before.

This has been highlighted recently with SimCorp Awarded Prestigious Best Buy-Side IBOR Platform for the 6th year running at the Water Technology Buy-Side Technology Awards in 2019.

What will this mean for those of you looking for a SimCorp job opportunity in the new year?

The Fintech jobs market as a whole was relatively active in the hiring of new staff through the end of last year, unlike some industries that can experience a dip in recruitment around this time. The benefit of SimCorp always evolving and adapting its product offering is that it is always evolving and adapting the workforce also.

The new year is historically a great time to secure a new contract position, with many institutions having new annual budgets ready to be allocated, projects needing completion and contractors planning to kick start and revive SCD projects that may have slowed over the festive period.

Permanent employees will also find ample opportunities in the new year with SimCorp and their end clients always looking to secure the best talent on the market. Experienced SimCorp Dimension professionals can usually find a new position at any time of year and with the global reach of such a product, the possibilities are truly endless.  

SimCorp has been around for so long now – is it worth me starting all over again and training in this?

Yes! The new year is a time for new resolutions and targets  - both personal and professional, so why limit yourself to what you already know? SimCorp Dimension will, in my opinion, continue to be a driving force in the Investment Management industry and the platform is always improving, meaning the skills will always be in demand. The next decade will see SimCorp become a fully integrated front-to-back system available as a cloud-based platform with new investment types and financial instruments seamlessly integrated.

If they are always improving their offering why wouldn’t you? SimCorp Dimension is an invaluable niche skill and in today’s competitive market, you could give yourself the edge, open doors and increase your pay.

If you’re already a certified SimCorp Dimension professional, think about investing in additional training or attend workshops on the latest modules and features. You probably don’t know everything about the product, and this could give you the vital knowledge  to compete for a new role. 

Don’t wait for the ‘new year, new me’ feeling to kick in.

Many companies are actively seeking staff to be in place by early January. As a specialist SimCorp Dimension recruiter, I am currently working on multiple live roles. While there was some slow down for a few weeks over the festive period, we are seeing clients now ready to interview and offer the right candidate, the right role, right now.

If the thought of another year (or another decade!) at the same company, in the same role, is feeling a little less than ideal then why wait?


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