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SimCorp Dimension – How to Specialise

SimCorp Dimension – How to Specialise

10 February 2020 by Lauren Pierce
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SimCorp Dimension jobs - Specialising in a particular module can advance your career.

Before I delve into the most in demand modules on the market in 2020, I wanted to give a little bit of a background on how to make yourself a ‘module specific’ specialist in the first place. I speak with candidates every single day who specialise in a particular module (or group of modules) purely because they have worked on these modules for a while. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and, depending on the depth of your exposure to those modules during the project, would definitely constitute you being a specialist in comparison to someone who has little to no experience in those modules. But having experience in a module is not the only way to become a specialist (although, of course, it helps!). You can also begin your journey to specialisation through training & certification.

SimCorp offer multiple training courses and qualifications aimed at everybody from a first-time user to an experienced consultant. With a combination of eLearning and Classroom training being offered there is literally a course for everyone to develop their SimCorp Dimension knowledge and experience. And this is where becoming a specialist gets a little easier.

Recently SimCorp have extended their classroom training to London, Amsterdam and Stockholm giving better access to training than ever before. Is there a specific module that compliments the experience you already have? Or maybe a module you really enjoyed working on? Module-specific classroom training leads to certifications and qualifications, which in turn lead to greater opportunities for you to work on that module.

In the first six months of 2020, SimCorp will be conducting up to twelve courses with eight of those being module-specific. How do you then choose which course/speciality is right for you? In my opinion you can always gauge which modules will be the most in demand by looking at the latest implementations. At the end of 2018 I wrote an article outlining the market trends I had been noticing which you can read here SimCorp Market Trends. After I wrote that article, I went on to secure a number of consultants exciting new projects focused around Alternative Investments. Recently, I have been noticing an influx of highly technical SimCorp Dimension vacancies, where my clients are now looking for specialists in Communication Server, Data Extractor, Data Import and Export.

For Business focused consultants I have also noticed a push for Front Office experience as SimCorp continue to push their full front to back integrated solution. This means expertise in Asset Manager and Order Manager modules are becoming more and more popular.

There will always be a place in the SimCorp market for a consultant who specialises in any one of the modules they offer but with all the new training courses on offer why not expand your existing specialism?

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