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Stuart Egerton
Stuart Egerton

At Skillfinder Group I head up our consulting services function called Coventus Consulting.

My role is to manage and oversee activities for our clients who require more traditional consulting services. We offer a full statement of work service, delivering defined projects across regulatory, compliance, change management and SimCorp projects.

Working across all market sectors with a focus on business projects in the regulatory and compliance space, inclusive of Asset Management software such as SimCorp. I am someone who moves with the market in our industry and goes where our clients need us most.

In my spare time, I am a committee member and player (Flanker) at a local Twickenham rugby team.


I have worked within the Consultancy and Recruitment industry now since 2007 across 3 different companies, since 2013 I have been working solely with Financial organisations from Broker/Dealers to CSD’s, Custodian Banks, Universal banks and FinTech companies in my role at Coventus Consulting is to ensure we are collaborating on consulting projects within the regulatory & compliance space spearheading company initiatives with the CSDR, ECMS, SFTR, T2/T2S Consolidation, LIBOR Reform, AI and ESG market areas.

I have also been working extensively in the SimCorp solutions environment, working progressively with the vendor and the client-side projects alike, whatever the solution I have been working globally to ensure our collaborations with financial organisations are mutually beneficial as we continue to see vast changes in the ever-evolving financial services sector, we ensure that we are continually adaptable for our clients, being ahead of the market plays a significant part of my role here to ensure we approach our clients with solutions to their problems before they have needed to look too far for them. That way I ensure we continue to be valued partners to our clients in all areas and build our consolidated relationships across multiple geographical locations.

Regulatory & Compliance - Asset Management - SimCorp - Service Securities - Global


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