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Assistant Manager - Payment Services

Assistant Manager – Payment Services

Duration: 3-months (strong possibility of extension)
Location: Canary Wharf, London


• Supporting our client to develop a suite of payment services, in relation to rules, industry guidance, regulatory reporting forms, and central bank policies & procedures to implement new payments in relation to legislation for PSPs (Payment Service Providers) and PSOs (Payment System Oversight), for a foreign central bank.
• PSP Capital requirements
• PSO guarantee fund to reduce operational and settlement risks
• Rules and guidance in respect of…
o Electronic Cheques
o Electronic Direct Debit mandates
• Rules specifying requirements between PSPs and between PSOs
• Rules, guidance, forms, and supervisory policies linking to major incidents for PSOs
• Rules setting pricing limits for PSPs and related to electronic copies.

The individual:

• Strong understanding of payments, in terms of regulatory expectations on PSPs, and a broader awareness of payment systems and PSO obligations (the UK and international perspective)
• Experiences in writing rules, policies & procedures.
• Ability to review existing draft rules and apply a pragmatic, client-centric approach, ensuring requirements are met, whilst supporting the clients understanding of the international payments landscape.
o Ensuring the end deliverables meet the clients’ requirements
o Integrating international good practice to future proof the rules.