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DBA PostgreSQL Administrator

Database Administrator

Unleash your data prowess as a Database Administrator, a key driver in optimizing, securing, and propelling our databases.

Your Role:

•Craft Excellence: Build and fine-tune robust RDBMS infrastructures.
•Proactive Innovator: Lead database enhancements, setting new benchmarks.
•Performance Sentinel: Monitor, troubleshoot, and enhance system performance.
•Swift Responder: Resolve user errors promptly for seamless operations.
•Security Guardian: Ensure data fortification through stringent measures.
•Continuity Champion: Back up and recover data to withstand disasters.
•Insights Provider: Deliver crucial metrics for strategic decisions.
•Transformation Agent: Drive improvements across maintenance, performance, and security.
•Collaborative Partner: Work closely with IT teams for seamless integration.

Your Commitment:

Be part of our on-call duty for 7 to 10 days per month.

Your Qualifications:

•Expert Experience: 5+ years in PostGreSQL Database Administration.
•Problem-Solving Pro: Excel in troubleshooting complex issues.
•Performance Adept: Master optimization and native tools.
•Recovery Specialist: Skilled in backups, restores, and recovery models.
•Resilience Leader: Command High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
•SQL Expert: Fluent in data manipulation with SQL.
•Automation Guru: Script for efficiency with Shell and Ansible.
•Security Integrator: Blend PostGreSQL with Kerberos and LDAP.
•Encryption Enthusiast: Implement data security through encryption.
•Team Player: Stay strong under pressure, foster collaboration.
•Clear Communicator: Document and articulate effectively.


•Cloud Navigator: Navigate public cloud environments.
•Tech-Savvy: Experience with ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, and Ansible.
•Versatile Pro: Familiarity with Oracle, MS SQL Server & MongoDB.
•Certified Advantage: Holding certifications showcases your expertise.