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Enterprise Software Architect, Mechelen, Belgium

Explore the Role of Enterprise Data Architect (with a Focus on Software Architect - JAVA) Belgium, Mechelen

Do you have a penchant for shaping technology landscapes while also wielding expertise in software architecture? Join us in the capacity of an Enterprise Data Architect, where you'll employ your JAVA proficiency and data management knowledge to guide our software teams towards innovative solutions. Our Technical & Integration Architecture team welcomes professionals who can provide data insights, while also excelling in software technologies.

Your Responsibilities:

As an Enterprise Data Architect with a software architecture flair, your role will encompass:

Collaborating with software teams to guide data integration decisions, leveraging your JAVA expertise.
Addressing data management challenges within solutions through a software-oriented approach.
Empowering software teams to achieve autonomy in self-service data integrations.
Cultivating feedback loops between technology experts and the developer community.
Crafting a resilient platform to oversee the application and data landscape.

The Perfect Fit:

We're seeking a candidate who brings more than just data knowledge to the table. You should possess a deep understanding of software architecture, particularly within the JAVA ecosystem.

Here's what we're looking for:

Proficiency in backend software technologies within the JAVA ecosystem.
Familiarity with frontend software technologies like web, app, angular, ionic, and nodejs.
Experience with software factory tools, including Atlassian Suite, GitLab, and Docker.
Fluency in English and Dutch

Why Choose Us:

By joining our team, you'll step into an environment where innovation and growth are paramount. As an Enterprise Data Architect with a strong software architecture background, you'll lead technology decisions and influence our software landscape. Your unique blend of skills will be celebrated, making you a vital asset in our journey towards excellence.

If you're prepared to join a collaborative team and shape the future of our technology, seize this opportunity!