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Recruitment Services

Our international recruitment and staffing team can help you manage your growth.

We work hard to build a reputation for executing recruitment services professionally and demonstrate that we are credible, reliable and trustworthy. It starts with our values – not only do we hire according to a strong set of principles aimed at providing an outstanding service, we also reward staff for living by these values. 

Contract and freelance recruitment

If you need specialist skills to deliver specific projects with a defined scope, we can provide specialist freelancers or contract resource to fulfil these positions. We can provide long and short term contractors to suit your needs.

Permanent recruitment

Our specialist recruiters have experience in helping identify, engage and introduce highly skilled people to join your team full time.

Our active engagement in knowledge-based communities means we are already in the right place at the right time when it comes to finding talent.

Putting people at the heart of the process

Our approach is people-led, which means prioritising:

  1.  Understanding the world of the hiring manager or job seeker.

  2. Getting a feel for the culture of the team we are hiring for.

  3. Looking at the human beyond the CV early in the search process.

This way of working allows us to understand how the challenges and demands you face so we can give you smart guidance. Before we start working with anybody, we make sure we discover what they need and agree this explicitly so we’re ready to deliver the right result.

We pride ourselves on developing our sector knowledge constantly and staying up to date with changes in the industries we serve.

Our sectors

  • Digital Technologies

  • AI, Machine Learning, Quantitative & Data Science

  • FinTech

  • Project & Change Management

  • Security Services & Custody

  • Finance, Risk & Regulatory Compliance

  • Investment Banking

  • Fund Management

  • Private Banking / Wealth Management

  • Banking Operations

Intelligent recruitment

Intelligent recruitment: matching culture as well as skills.

Relationships are everything in recruitment. We commit to making them meaningful. We’re here to help people build their futures, so we focus on helping people achieve their goals, not just getting the next job.