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  • “I had the pleasure of meeting Dawid, and I highly recommend him for his outstanding expertise and professionalism in the field. He builds strong relationships with both clients and candidates, creating a positive and collaborative hiring experience for all parties involved.”

    ​Amir Mhamdi - Microsoft Specialist
  • ​"Skillfinder is one of our top and most trusted suppliers.Their candidate quality is superb and their strong communication is what makes them so reliable and easy to work with."

    Senior Recruitment Partner - Global Custodian Bank
  • ​I recently enjoyed working with Leah Cridlan, an outstanding IT Recruitment Consultant, and I am compelled to share my positive experience.From our initial interaction, Leah Cridlan demonstrated remarkable professionalism and expertise in the field. Their in-depth knowledge of the IT industry, coupled with a keen understanding of my specific needs, made the recruitment process seamless and efficient.What truly sets Leah Cridlan apart is their commitment to understanding the role's technical requirements and my organization's cultural nuances. This holistic approach ensured that the candidates presented were highly qualified from a technical standpoint and aligned with our company's values and work culture.Communication was another area where Leah Cridlan excelled. Leah kept me informed at every stage of the recruitment process, providing timely updates and feedback. This transparency facilitated a smoother hiring process and demonstrated their dedication to fostering a collaborative partnership.Leah Cridlan's attention to detail and ability to anticipate potential challenges further streamlined the recruitment journey. She proactively addressed any concerns and always went the extra mile to ensure a positive experience for both the hiring company and the candidates.In summary, my experience with Leah Cridlan was exceptional, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Leah's services to any organization seeking top-notch IT talent. Their professionalism, industry knowledge, and commitment to client satisfaction make them valuable in IT recruitment.

    Vitalii Serdiuk - Candidate
  • ​Leah contacted me to propose my candidature for a position in a major player of the securities settlement industry. The position could be secured largely due to Leah's proactivity, reactivity, close follow-up, communication skills and excellent preparation of the interview with the client. She immediately created a relation based on respect, trust, professionalism and good humour. This hiring campaign proved to be a very pleasant experience, one of the best I ever had.

    Olivier Marquesuzaa - Candidate
  • “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dawid as a professional recruiter. I’ve been in contact with Dawid for 3 months and his guidance through the hiring process was absolutely essential. He is responsive, proactive, and empathic. his soft skills are a real asset used to the benefit of all stakeholders creating win-win situations.”

    ​Matthieu Schildknecht - Senior Fund accounting
  • “I can highly recommend Dawid as a recruitment consultant. Dawid worked tirelessly throughout the entire recruitment process to ensure the best outcome for all. I appreciated that he was always quick to respond to questions and queries and provided regular updates. We worked together on what I would describe as a difficult negotiation which involved a lot of back and forth. David showed himself to be the utmost professional throughout the entire process, in the end, he helped me to secure the position I wanted and I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.”

    ​Diarmuid Coffey - Consultant ETF Operations
  • ​My team has been cooperating with Skillfinder International for last couple of years. Skillfinder is always ready to provide a solution for our resourcing needs across our locations (Ireland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic) for both contractor and internal hiring. Skillfinder helped us to onboard various roles, including the ones with niche skills such as OpenEdge developer or Data governance expertise.

    Milan - Head of Section
  • ​Toby has been great to work with. He understands our requirements well and always sends over strong candidates with relevant experiences, making the selection process much simpler, as well as being prompt with communications. Very professional person, would highly recommend.

    Country Manager at leading Avaloq consultancy
  • ​I was introduced to Grant shortly before I arrived in the UK.What a remarkable individual. Incredibly generous with his time and advice about the industry which he understands so well. I'm not at all surprised at the level of success he has achieved by establishing Skillfinder International.

    Marco - Cyber Security Expert
  • An excellent recruiter who delivered where most predecessors failed in a hyper-inflated market. No-nonsense approach with good communication-skills and a spot-on judge of character.

    Erik - CEO & Owner
  • ​I am really very impressed (again) by the quality of CVs presented to us. You have shown that you understood the brief well and us as a company, which is quite technical. So well done and thank you!

    Taryn - Talent Acquisition Manager
  • ​Skillfinder are the only agency that I have used who follow up and build a trust relationship. I would be very happy to work through them again

    Paul - Business Analyst
  • "​Toby is one of the best Avaloq recruiters in the industry. He has a rare talent for understanding the needs of clients and candidates alike, and his ability to build strong relationships is exceptional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable Avaloq recruiter who truly cares about their success." 

    Desmond - Avaloq Developer (UK)
  • "​Toby is the IT recruiter you are looking for! He is efficient and professional in his communication, gets the job done, and actively learns about the market he operates in. Working with him is a pleasant experience and I would certainly choose to consult him again for future employment opportunities."

    Daniel - Freelance Avaloq Consultant (CH)
  • ​Skillfinder International has been of great help to our TARGET2-Securities project. They fully understand our culture, project demand and subsequently have provided us with excellent consultants. They have fully supported us during the recruitment process and continue to do so. Their attention to detail and genuine business knowledge of the project makes them a valuable asset to any company on-boarding for project work.

    Marion - Programme Manager
  • ​"During my long worklife, I was dealing with a countless number of recruiters. With most of them, the „relationship“ lasted, at most, for a couple of days and was restricted to submission of CV and maybe one or two feedbacks. From the very largest part of them, I didn‘t even hear again. So, in what way is Toby different? Yes, in fact very different? From the first minute, he made me feel important. We had a lot of personal contact over the phone. He also prepared me for the interviews, so I was ready for the questions they might ask. His reaction to my emails was always fast and right to the point. He is also aware of the fact that the relationship between a client and a recruiter doesn‘t end with the employment contract. Sometimes, it takes some „after sales“ efforts, for instance when issues come up during the first couple of days or weeks in the new job. Also, in these situations, Toby has been there for me."

    Avaloq Candidate - Markus
  • "​I am pleased to write this recommendation for Toby based on our professional interactions and his outstanding contributions to the recruitment process. Throughout our collaboration, I have been consistently impressed by Toby's professionalism, efficiency, expertise, and exceptional networking skills.Toby is not only skilled in his field but also possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He builds strong relationships with candidates and goes above and beyond to understand their career goals and aspirations.Working with him has been a pleasure, and I have always been impressed by his commitment to delivering exceptional results. If you are looking for a dedicated and talented recruiter who consistently delivers outstanding outcomes, I highly recommend Toby Jacobs."

    Ilia - Avaloq Developer (CH)
  • "​My first day went incredibly well yesterday. The transition was smooth, and I'm already feeling a sense of excitement and belonging in this new environment. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to you for making this possible. Leaving my home country and my previous job was a difficult decision, and the process of starting afresh in a new country seemed overwhelming at times However, with your unwavering support and guidance, I found the perfect opportunity that has given me a new lease on life. Once again, thank you for being an extraordinary partner in this journey. I am incredibly grateful for your support and I look forward to staying connected in the future."

    Arooj - Candidate
  • ​"I am really grateful to have joined hands with Lorraine Bateman in my job hunting journey in Ireland. The level of dedication and professionalism that was shown was incomparable, she would be on top list of people I would recommend for job opportunities. There was constant contact ,timely updates, transparent feedback and full disclosure on the job being offered. Highly recommended."

    Candidate - Swati JS
  • ​“I worked closely with Juliette over the last months with regards to a possible new job opportunity.  She was very engaged and listened to my needs and feedback every step of the way.  She also went the extra mile in making sure that my wishes were well communicated and that I felt prepared during the whole recruitment/interview process.  It was thanks to her positive attitude that I even seriously considered the job opportunity and I’m very happy with the end result.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new job opportunity in Luxembourg.”

    Candidate - Product Manager Connectivity
  • ​Toby is an excellent recruitment consultant, very professional in his approach, highly efficient and very reliable. Toby has been helping me fill out various positions during the past year, many times on short notice, but he has always managed to stay on top of everything, worked well under pressure and delivered fast results to the highest standards every single time. He pays great attention to detail, submitting only applicants that meet the criteria and taking the time to send extensive briefings on each candidate to help making informed decisions.I highly recommend Toby and I wish him luck in all future endeavours.

    Georgiana - Client
  • ​"I can tell with all honesty that Georgina and Ollie have been my best support in getting a job ever. The more I work with them the more I see how passionate they are about helping me, and I can really feel how it makes me perform better during the interviews. With their support I feel more confident than ever. Ollie and Georgina supported me with tips on how to perform better during the interviews and how to make my CV stronger. They cheered me up, told me to be myself and helped to stay passionate. I have never experienced such a strong support in finding a job which would suit me the best, a team that would help me delivering the best results, and a company which would help me achieve my dreams."

    Sandor Abramovics - KYC/AML
  • ​“Recruiting Avaloq professionals with the right skillset has always been a challenging and time-consuming process, at least that had always been the case until working with Toby. After some discussion, Toby was able to provide an impressive shortlist of high quality, qualified, candidates. Thanks to Toby, what is usually an arduous and unfruitful endeavour turned out to be a straightforward and successful engagement.”

    Nicholas – Manager & Avaloq Solutions Architect
  • "​James is a fantastic recruiter! He reached out to me with an opportunity and kept me well informed during the recruitment process.James is professional and dedicated. He takes the time to understand his candidates and promptly responds to queries.I’ve passed over James details to colleagues/friends and will continue to recommend him."

    Neelam - Candidate
  • ​​"James is a great recruitment consultant. He offered a great job to me and was always with me at each stage of the hiring process. His advices have been a great help to me for passing all the interviews and finally getting the job. I definitely recommend him to everyone."

    Serhi Lyskin - Client
  • ​"Quand la jeunesse le professionnalisme l'écoute et la gentillesse sont réunies en une seule personne cela devient du talent" - ​​"When youth, professionalism, listening and kindness are united in one person it becomes talent" ​​​​​​

    Patrice Lafarges - Candidate
  • ​Toby was brilliant at showcasing my skillset to employers. He was always one step ahead in the the job search process, as well as a friendly down to earth approach, my career has been able to go to new levels thanks to him. I would highly recommend Toby for anyone openly seeking new opportunities.

    Oliviu - Candidate
  • ​James was a crucial connection between me and my new employer, I felt well represented throughout the whole process. He was truly involved and engaged, making sure I was up-to-date and that not only we all got the best of it but that it was all done in the most smooth and pleasant way. His professionalism and expertise are obvious highlights, but his positive energy and attitude were a great plus.

    Fabio - Tech Lead
  • ​When I reached out Lorraine like many other recruiters I was actively looking for jobs, but only Lorraine replied to me promptly. In few days she called me with a Job prospect and within a week I had an offer (From KPMG). Later I came to know that she was covering her colleague and she works on overseas recruitment. Now that’s what I call “Going the extra mile”. She is prompt, polite, nice to talk and professional. She kept me informed throughout the whole process. If anyone looking for a Job, she is the one to reach out. Thank you once again Lorraine!!!

    Dheeraj- AML & KYC Analyst
  • Lorraine has been the best representative that Skillfinder can wish for. She has been transparent, fast and very professional on all the work related aspects and has proven that she pursues the best outcomes for all parties involved. Her support to all of my questions and concerns is unmatched. She is a very enthusiastic, kind and driven person which makes working with her a very pleasing experience. I wish her all the well deserved success!

    Jonerickson – AML/KYC Analyst
  • ​"I was looking for a job to move on in my career due to previous KYC remediation contract coming to an end. Dejan proactively approached me for another similar contract with better prospects to grow. Since then, communication was clear and constant. He provided me with lots of information about the company and tips for the interview. After the interview, updates were regular and communicating with him was never a problem. Dejan has a great passion for his job and takes care of every detail. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking to excel their career."

    Umair - KYC Analyst
  • ​"Dejan made my process for my current role extremely quickly and easy, within a week I was provided an offer. He is fast, diligent, and friendly. He ensured the onboarding process was smooth and easy and always informed me as soon as possible on any updates. I would absolutely recommend working with Dejan for your employment search."

    Deeksha - KYC Analyst
  • ​“I strongly recommend Sarah, she contacted me only for positions that matched perfectly my skills and understood right away what I wanted. She made everything so easy and quick and was always available when I had questions. One of the best recruiters I've encountered”

    Cloe – SimCorp Consultant
  • ​“Sarah is very proactive. She told me about an opportunity from this in one week the interviews were done, my company set-up, my accountant find and without any headache. The best part is that she checks on me which is the sector on consulting is rare. Usually they find you a contract and bye bye but Sarah with professionalism and care give me great confidence to focus on my work. Thx Sarah!”

    Patricia – SimCorp Consultant
  • ​“Sarah contacted me with the position perfectly matched with my credentials. She was in touch until the smooth onboarding, she also assisted me to resolve complex US/Canada tax issues. It does not end here, she contacted me a couple of times to ensure all is going well. I appreciate her professional approach.”

    Muhammed – SimCorp Consultant
  • ​“Sarah is one of the greatest recruiters I have dealt. She immediately saw my skills and expertise and delivered me a position which was available.”

    Muhammad Raja Asad - SimCorp Operations Analyst
  • ​“Sarah is an experienced recruiter who understands the client needs and is able to communicate effectively with candidates. She is a passionate and dedicated recruiter who has a good understanding of recruitment principle. I would recommend Sarah if you are looking for opportunities in Financial Services area.”​

    Abbas Zaidi - Simcorp Consultant
  • ​“Sarah is an excellent Recruitment Consultant. She managed to get me opportunities all the time and not only she placed me onto a contract but she also worked very hard to find opportunities for my brother. So you won't be just a consultant/client to her but she will go above and beyond to link you with the right fit.”

    Bruno Franck Tchaha - SimCorp Consultant
  • ​“It was an outstanding experience working with Sarah She is highly professional when engaging with candidates and she handles herself brilliantly in high-pressure circumstances. She is able to understand people needs and find the right solution for them.”

    Maurizio Rizzo - Senior Fund Accounting Consultant
  • ​James was a crucial connection between me and my new employer, I felt well represented throughout the whole process. He was truly involved and engaged, making sure I was up-to-date and that not only we all got the best of it but that it was all done in the most smooth and pleasant way. His professionalism and expertise are obvious highlights, but his positive energy and attitude were a great plus.

    Fabio Pedro - Candidate
  • ​James got in touch with me over a year ago and I'm super grateful about the new opportunity that he landed me in. James really invested a lot of his time in understanding my current status and motivations back then and made it a point to see if the opportunity that he was proposing aligned with the same. James was really dedicated right from day one we spoke and would promptly get back with clarifications when he didn't have the answers right away. James made it a point that the communication between me and the company was streamlined and never left me hanging for the outcomes at each phase of the process. I can vouch for his passion and ownership in what he does to the extent that I can say if it wasn't for his persuasiveness, efficiency and commitment, I wouldn't have been able to make this much-needed change at this point in my career. A great partnership for those who look forward to their next career move and those companies who are in search of the right talents.

    George Varghese - Senior 2D Artist
  • ​“Brad has been amazing throughout my entire recruitment process. An incredibly talented communicator with a genuine interest in one’s success, who understood how to read between the lines and to better tailor the process to my needs. On top of that he showed a great understanding of my new employer and acted as a reliable interface between us, which made things much smoother.” 

    Michael Rabenhaupt - Game Developer
  • ​I have had the pleasure of working with  Kirsty at Skillfinder regarding a role that was of huge  interest to me. Kirsty was spot on in the matching and that impressed me, but also having clear understanding of where I am located in relation to the workplace geography. The geography part is normally an issue when being contacted by international recruiters, since it is not uncommon getting suggestions of contracts/recruitment roles 400+ miles away from the home address. Kirsty was involved deeply in the whole process her level of communication was great and gave feedback timely which gave me  a sense of calm and clarity, so I would gladly work with her and Skillfinder again.

    Fredrik - Senior Test Automation Engineer
  • Throughout my career, I have never met someone who has wholeheartedly given their best to help someone find and get a job other than Danielle. She has been instrumental on how I got my employment. She was totally hands-on during the entire application process. She always made sure that you are well-equipped of information and prepared every step of the way. Danielle was highly professional, approachable and respectful. As my senior recruitment consultant, Danielle definitely earns my highest recommendation.

    Vermon - Oracle DBA
  • ​Danielle helped me in finding a job with a financial services company and has been truly professional throughout the whole process. She had a good understanding of the company, the job role and the requirements and gave me a lot of valuable tips for my interview. I also highly recommend her for her motivational and very friendly and positive way. 

    Anna - Candidate
  • ​I’m very pleased to provide this recommendation for Lauren as SimCorp Dimension Recruitment Consultant.I have been consistently impressed with her attitude since the first day she contacted me. During our interaction and throughout the process I found Lauren very friendly, intelligent and hardworking. From beginning of the process, she engaged with me fully and regularly by providing support with preparation, guidance and end to end details about role and specifications.  She never hesitated to follow up and ensured no questions left unanswered, she was really fantastic to work with and as a recruiter she always maintained a highly professional demeanour and was quick to understandthe kind of role I was looking for.  Her work ethic is next level and definitely one of the best recruiters I have worked with and would highly recommend her to people/companies I know.

    Aravind SimCorp- Candidate
  • ​I have been working with Skillfinder International since 2017 and I must say that the quality of service Gabriel and his team have provided so far is remarkable. From the very beginning, Skillfinder is committed, reactive and reliable. The journey from the first contact to the signature of the contract and finally working at the client’s facilities has been really outstanding. You can tell how important it is for Gabriel and his team to build a good relationship and a feeling of true collaboration. Even after the signature of the contract, they remain available and make sure that their consultant’s needs are covered. From a consultant point of view, the HR solutions available when collaborating with Skillfinder are a real plus point. Being relieved from all the administrative and payroll issues really enables you to focus on your work. The very interesting advantages offered by Skillfinder only enhances the will to constantly work towards providing a high level of service to the client and really keeps you highly motivated.​

    Marie-Line - Candidate
  • ​This email is just to give you a feedback regarding Gabriel Campa and Skillfinder.Since I’ve moved to Luxembourg from Italy in 2017, Gabriel started to be my head hunter following me in several recruitment process, always demonstrating an high professional standard presenting my resume to some of the best players in financial market.Even if I started my first mission in Luxembourg with another recruiting company, Gabriel and Skillfinder have maintained a genuine professional relationship with me continuing following my career path.  Once I had the possibility to join Skillfinder last December I was more than happy to signed with them. I’ve chosen them mostly for the truly and reliable long term relationship we’ve made together.​

    Marco Piccone Carzana - Candidate
  • ​I think it has been a pleasure to work with you and I would highly recommend you to anyone. You and Skillfinder have been transparent and straightforward throughout the hiring process, supportive during transition as well as afterwards. Any question I had was answered and other people contracted were pointed out who I could talk to. Complete transparency. Skillfinder also has a good Management Company system for those who do not have their own company to run invoicing through.​

    Vesa Renfors - Candidate
  • ​With pleasure, I would like to confirm that my experience of over 1.5 year working with Skillfinder is only positive.From the beginning I have received all information, guidance and support to be well positioned in my consulting role. During the whole period I have very good and responsive contact with not only Gabriel but the whole company. ​  

    Katarzyna - Candidate
  • ​I have been working with Skillfinder International for one year exactly and the experience has been positive since the beginning. I was approached and received a lot of detailed explanation as to the nature and style of such collaboration as I had not worked as an external (freelancer)before. Gabriel and the rest of the team, including the management company in Luxemburg were professional and willing to reply to all my queries and make the whole process as smooth as possible. For the contractors the whole set up after the hiring process takes place, is rather straightforward and the communication is easy and efficient. The payments are executed on a timely manner.  So far I have not encountered any issue and they remain available should additional information be required.​

    Georgios - Candidate
  • ​In the last few years I have worked with a number of consulting/intermediary companies and I have to admit that none of them has left me as satisfied as Skillfinder.My experience with Skillfinder was extremely gratifying and rewarding; I was very pleased with the recruitment process and the level of support that I continuously received during my staying with the Company. Moreover, Skillfinder guarantees a high level of expertise to its clients and very good conditions to their consultants; I believe this is a perfect combination and the reason why Skillfinder is able to ensure both client and consultant satisfaction on every level.

    Adriano – Candidate
  • ​Gabriel and Skillfinder group provide astute profile judgment and professionalism. I can personally endorse a quality candidate who I have working for me, Vesa who is a benchmark performer and reflective of the quality sourcing the Skillfinder group can offer people managers. It has been a pleasure to work with Skillfinder.​

    Craig - Director for Change & Onboarding - Client
  • ​Skillfinder International contacted me when I was looking to find a new opportunity. After few calls with Skillfinder, they put me forward for a job exactly what I was looking for.This is my first freelance role I have taken in my career and I have no regrets.If I had any questions like more information on the role, more information on what rates I should charge or how the timesheets work, Skillfinder would respond to me in the same day which I really appreciated from a contractor point of view.A very good experience of Skillfinder International.​

    Alexis – First time Contractor
  • I have been working for Skillfinder for one and half year. Working through Skillfinder International represented for me a big leap forward in terms of status and salary. Gabriel Campa, the account manager in charge of me, is an effective operative, always available to calls and emails and his feedback is prompt and accurate. I am recommending Skillfinder to all my colleagues and acquaintances who work as contractors and consultants in the financial sector.​

    Luca -Candidate
  • ​Lauren is extremely helpful and always keen to expedite the process, willing to go the extra mile in order to get the job done. I am grateful to Lauren for her dedication and diligence and for the fact that she always takes time to listen and fully understand one’s needs. An engaging personality, always accessible and prompt with her feedback Lauren is a great asset to the recruitment industry.

    Roland - Assistant Vice President
  • Lauren is a pleasant person to talk to and one of the most hardworking, honest & helpful individual that I have come across in my professional career so far. She is very diligent in following up for any updates or provide updates on the task she has on hand. Lauren shows tremendous empathy which I believe is a big plus for somebody working in her sector and I really appreciate that. I feel, that enables her to sustain and grow the professional relationship with anybody she connects with. I wish her the very best in life and for her career. It is my pleasure to recommend her to all. 

    ​Jagannath - Head of Software Development
  • In my recent dealings with Lauren, I have found her to be extremely professional throughout the entire recruitment process, keeping me updated at every stage throughout a lengthy process of 5 interviews with 7 people over a number of weeks. She always ensured I was well prepared in advance of each interview, and was quick to provide honest and useful feedback after each stage, which was greatly appreciated. Having dealt with many recruiters and HR Managers over the years, it has been really refreshing to work with someone as engaged and switched on as Lauren, and she has made the whole experience extremely pleasant. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and Skillfinder to any of my friends and colleagues in the future. 

    ​Chris - Business Development Manager
  • ​I found dealing with Lauren a privilege. Lauren is a dynamic and skilled communicator with a clear dynamic for mapping individuals to a career path which is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. It has been a relationship built on trust and sheer hard work. For any consultants looking for a highly skilled recruitment agency please contact Skillfinder and in particular Lauren Pierce. 

    John - SME Transfer Agency
  • I found Lauren very professional and attentive in her role while working with her. Professional approach, being in a constant touch, keeping candidate updated and general courtesy make the whole process nice and smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to other job seekers and recruiters alike.

    ​Kamil - Senior IT Consultant
  • I was really impressed with her ability to find good candidates in little time. I had a lot of agencies contacting me about our job opening but they never managed to present more than few candidates. Danielle found the right candidate for us. She outdid the other agencies by miles. Thank you for this Danielle!​​

    Michael - Director of Product Development
  • ​Danielle is true professional. She understood exactly what I was searching and she connected me with one of her customers and voila it was perfect match from the first try. All went smooth, I would say in record time, two weeks from the first contact to signing a contract. She is that kind of person that you like to work with, not pushing to much, understandable and if you need any help regarding the whole process she will support you. I would definitely work with her anytime.

    Branko - Senior Software Engineer
  • ​During the entire process I found him very helpful, and I used his guidance and advice to be better prepared for the challenges ahead. I am impressed by his efficiency, communication skills, and his friendly attitude, he made me feel like I'm not alone but part of a team, which was great as a confidence 'boost'.

    Marius - Senior Software Developer
  • ​Communicating with Lauren is always a pleasure. She is very enthusiastic, open and transparent, explaining future steps clearly beforehand. Very positive experience with her in making a connection with a new client.

    Ingmar - SimCorp Dimension Consultant
  • ​From the beginning, Lauren has been more than amazing. Always keeps her clients updated every step of the way. Always assists her clients with anything and everything. Couldn't have asked for anyone better to be assisting me.

    Mumtaz - Sales Consultant
  • ​Lorraine helped me land a position that launched my whole career. Throughout the entire recruitment process she was kind but honest, always kept me up to date, and was always available and reachable.

    Luca - Digital Marketing Manager
  • ​Danielle has been a true professional in helping me throughout the hiring process to a company abroad. She has terrific communication skills, and her experience has been instrumental in helping me get hired.I give Danielle my highest recommendation, without reservation.

    Andrei - Software Engineer
  • Extremely professional and gave prompt feedback during the recruitment process, always keeping me in the loop. Put my career interests ahead of getting a quick placement. I would highly recommend Anandi to other client's and future employers.

    Campbell - Business Analyst