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Meet Alessia Cavallo

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Alessia Cavallo
Alessia Cavallo

​​I’m a French and Italian Headhunter, specialising in Risk & Compliance, Legal & Corporate and other financial profiles in Luxembourg. And I love my job! Visiting my clients to build a lasting and trusting relationship, developing a good understanding of what they do and what their work culture is, helping my candidates get clarity in their career and supporting  them in this life-changing and important step.

What I love in life is playing piano, cooking for my family and friends and discovering the world and new cultures!

Fun Fact:

In 2014, I worked on unraveling the molecular basis of astroglial functions at the blood-brain barrier and I was one of the author of a paper published in the scientific journal, Journal of Neurosciences. I found mys studies and work hugely stimulating but love the interaction with people and commerce and decided to pursue a career in Headhunting and Recruitment and began working in this field in early 2016.


A people oriented person, I have experience in customer relations, sales and recruitment. Backed with a Psychology, Neurosciences and Marketing Master degree, I started my career as a Project Manager where I was in charge of an amazing project of Visionning involving more than 600 people all over France.   

I then decided to explore the customer relationship world by managing a team of customer service advisors in the national call center of a French Multinational Retail Group as a Customer Relationship Manager near Paris. 

I moved to Luxembourg in 2016 and started my career as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in Financial profiles for two years before moving to London. I joined Skillfinder in November 2019 as a Recruitment Consultant specialised in Finance. Just before Brexit, I moved to London, at the heart of recruitment's historical birthplace*,  to pursue my recruitment career between Luxembourg and London. 

Investment Banking - Asset/ Investment /Fund Management - Wealth/ Private Banking – Retail Banking – Insurance – Risk & Regulatory
Compliance – Legal & Corporate

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